Société de Calcul Mathématique, SA
Mathematical Modelling Company, Corp.
since 1995

Our domains of intervention
The services we provide
Our working methods

Our domains of intervention

We often deal with situations where data are of poor quality, but still some decision has to be taken from these data:

  • All problems of optimization: management of resources, operations research;
  • Risk analysis, reliability studies, predictive maintenance, insurance and guarantee;
  • Signal analysis, data analysis: detection of aberrant data, reconstruction of missing data;
  • Trend analysis, prospective indicators;
  • Epidemiology: description of populations at risk, environmental problems.

We are often asked to provide an expert vision, for instance about a project of regulation from the Government: does such a project take correctly into account the variabilities due to Natural laws?


When one launches a development, and especially a scientific development, one has to be careful: are customers willing to buy the product? In our fields of competence, we know the true needs, and we know how to distinguish them from the fashions. We can thus take part in actions for valorization: a process developed by some people will find its use in another context; a study, coming from a particular specialty, might have applications in other fields.

Services we provide: a real and measurable improvement

Our services aim at a real and measurable improvement of the effectiveness of the overall program. This improvement must be observed by the customer, with his vocabulary and its instruments of measure.

The property of the results: given to the customer

Our services, once carried out, are usable in a permanent way by the customer, without our assistance (except the need for an initial formation, of course). We do not sell a "black box", a license of software, that the customer has the right to use but which remains the property of the developer. The customer becomes the owner of the results which we obtained for him, and of the algorithmic methods that we conceived.

That implies that our services are written in a way which is easy to understand.

SCM does not aim to preserve the intellectual property of its achievements, but acts on the contrary so that the customer can most largely use them, and with the largest possible profit.

A strategic interest, which requires confidentiality

The perfect modeling of the processes, which conditions their effectiveness, is of obviously of strategic interest for the user, and ensures him a competitive advantage. This means that the services of SCM are of course strictly confidential.

Our working methods

SCM never works alone, but always in close contact with the client. To define the objectives (what do we try to optimize?) requires a particular care; one should, regularly, make sure that the results develop in the desired direction and at the desired rate.

When we have solved the theoretical problem, we write an algorithm of resolution: it is a method "step by step" which, on the basis of the initial data, details all the stages leading to the solution. It makes it possible to the engineers of the client to become acquainted with our method. A software is written, which will be interfaced with the data-processing environment of the customer (management of the inputs-outputs, etc). The source code is placed at the disposition of the customer, who becomes the owner without any restriction about it.

The customer wishes in general that the software works initially with generic data, which can be modified later. The software is thus conceived from the very start with this possibility in mind.

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