Société de Calcul Mathématique, SA
Mathematical Modelling Company, Corp.
since 1995

111 Faubourg Saint Honoré, 75008 Paris, France

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Who are we?

SCM is a French Company, founded in 1995; it builds "mathematical models". A mathematical model is a description which helps understand what is going on, what are the important parameters, how they will evolve, and so on. Our main branches of activities are: energy, environment, health, transportation, scientific assistance to industrial companies.

  • Energy: How to organize the best networks for energy distribution? How much do they cost? How do they need to be modified in the future? When do parts need replacement?
  • Environment: For water resources, for pollution measurements, defining a robust information system, allowing comparisons between regions, allowing the evaluation of tendencies, and so on.
  • Health: Is there an excess of mortality, or of occurrence of some diseases, in a special situation (such as the neighborhood of power plants, of high voltage lines, and so on).
  • Transportation: How to define a transportation network, upon what parameters, and how to improve it ?
  • Scientific assistance to industrial companies: improving industrial processes, defining the best ranges for the proper values of parameters, and so on.
On all these topics, SCM builds "robust" models, that is models which take into account the uncertainties. These uncertainties may occur on the data (which are usually missing or corrupted), on the laws (which are not always well-known) and on the objectives (which may be multiple and contradictory). So our models are usually of probabilistic nature.

For more precise descriptions, please refer to our specific brochures.

Archimedes' sphere and cylinder

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