Société de Calcul Mathématique, SA

Robust Mathematical Modeling: Membership


A joint Research Program between several Companies, Institutions and Universities


The RMM program has been in existence since 2006 ; it aims is to develop tools in order to manage and control uncertainties. To see a general description of the program, please click here.

Any individual or institution may participate in this program, and participation is free (no admission fee, no annual fee). It works as an informal network, where members exchange information. To see the list of present members, please click here.

This information may be of technical nature; in order to see existing papers please click here, but also some institutions may wish to inform others about what they are doing (sending competence sheets), or what problems they meet, or more generally about all topics of interest or difficulties they may meet. We also exchange information about possible jobs (for instance, when a phd student is sought, of when a postdoc position is offered, and so on).

It is expected from the members that they will participate in the community: reading what they receive and bringing their own contributions. All these contributions are sent to all members.

If you wish to participate in the RMM program, please send your name, institution, email address, and a short description of your centers of interest to:

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